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What careers can I pursue after school?

Did you know that some jobs are losing their essence whereas others keep doing well? If you are a student you may be thinking about what to do after school. You may have heard about jobs you can go after. Be careful to choose one that is relevant to our time and for the future.

As long as humans live, some occupations will never lose their usefulness. Can you think of some? I call them timeless jobs. Such timeless pursuits are not farfetched, they have always been with us and will continue to be with us. Developing skills in any of these livelihoods would be invaluable in these difficult economic times.

Acquiring skills in these timeless vocations is itself a priceless resource for income. Jobs are changing, and demand for labor is diversifying giving rise to a shortage of talents globally. Even if one is not thinking about changing jobs, one needs to progress in the professional field. Thus, the need for reskilling and upskilling. The world is moving fast; things change hastily and suddenly. The digital transformation is terrific, pushing more and more people into getting their stuff online; simplifying the hustle and bustle of life.

Interestingly this transformation has made humans sophisticated in almost all areas of existence, including our job prospects.

What jobs and skills are in high demand for the next few years?

Employment in Artificial Intelligence(AI), Machine Learning Specialization(ML), JavaScript Specialization (front-end and back-end development), Cloud Engineering, Robotic Engineering, Software Engineering, Cyber Security Specialization, Data Science, Digital Transformation, Fraud and Risk Management are trending.

In the business domain, E-commerce, Digital Marketing, Applied Science in Business, Event Management, Content Marketing, Content Creation, Graphic Designing, and Project Management are in high demand.

Since humans have not eradicated diseases, there is high demand in certain medical fields. These include medical technology, mental health, behavioral health specialists, drug discovery and development, and vaccine specialists among others.

Others may include experts in Alternative Energy and Sustainability, renaturation of the environment, and food technology. Apply for courses in high-demand skills while you have the time now.

Practical jobs for our time

As much as we strive to keep up with the advancements in technology, we do not have to lose the fact that jobs that are linked to our very survival are timeless. Food, clothing, and shelter remain our basic needs, and jobs related to these fields will continue to be advantageous.

A profession in farming or even a hobby can bring gratification. Working to feed oneself, and others, what can be more important than that? Think about a small garden or rearing animals.

Careers in building and design will forever be needed on Earth. Putting up new structures, remodeling, and rebuilding or renovating old structures will be necessary for the years ahead to meet the growing population.

Architects, builders, woodworkers, surveyors, stone workers, plumbers, painters, and other construction workers will be beneficial. If you are thinking about a career in this field, then consider the following skills.

If you are physically and mentally nimble, inclined to learn, work as a team member, and pay attention to details that’s good enough. Do you have a prowess at problem-solving and making good judgments. Even if you have no technical skills, you can learn on the job. Just be organized.

What about clothing? We wear clothes every day. New fashion trends pop up all the time. If you are handy in the creative arts, an ideal career can be in fashion designing, tailoring, fashion styling, or becoming a seamster/seamstress. What is the job prospect for this field? I will simply say promising.

Fashion designers are the engineers of fashion. Practically, they make us all appear in vogue. From sportswear, footwear, swimwear, lingerie, loungewear, bags, and fashion accessories to haute couture, these innovators define the fads.

A practically ingenious person who has aesthetically alluring imaginations can venture into the world of fashion design.

If one’s inventiveness is less intricate, putting garments shapes and fabric together by hand or machine sewing following a pattern would suffice. Simple alterations, redesigning, and modifying, garments based on specifications are additional ways of earning a living.

Thus far, what do you consider a relevant skill looking at your circumstances? Are you contemplating taking a course in an area you are passionate about? Pursue it soon.

Do not be misled

Success is relative. Not all who have big academic certificates have lucrative jobs. What is more important? Skills! Learn more about how to develop them. From social skills, communication skills, and management skills to any other that will be relevant to your career. Mastery of abilities and materials has always been preferred over a certificate. Always think about honing your skills. Do you know why recruiters ask for work experience? They want to be sure you have the relevant skill for the job.

Start building your portfolio with the small things you are doing now. Before long you’ll have a better chance because you have the requisite experience for the job. Or, you can use your portfolio to draw clients to your business.

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