How to reach your career goals today

There are many students out there who have a thing for certain jobs but can not figure out how to get there. Are you one of them?

I have met some adults who abandoned a long-held dream when it seemed inconceivable. However, anytime they saw people in that profession the feeling is either admiration or jealousy, though some may be indifferent.

A conversation with Ebenezer Quansah (Fujanja) drives home the point that we should not give up easily on our dreams.

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Who is this person behind the name Fujanja?

Well, he’s a young gentleman; a high school teacher, a radio personality, and a sports lover with a strong Christian background.

Wow, so tell us a little bit about sports

I love football and swimming. I have had people ask me why I analyze just football and not the other games. Football sells. It is a business that many people patronize. As radio presenters, we promote what brings revenue to our stations. Nonetheless, if other disciplines would get sponsorships and advertisements we would engage with them.

You are a sports pundit, share with us your experience with the game

It requires a lot of time and effort, digging to have your facts about players, coaches, and clubs in both the local and international terrain. Occasionally traveling to run commentaries can be exhausting.

So how did the journey of a sports analyst begin?

From infancy, mine has been a natural talent. I had a knack for running commentaries way back from primary school. When my friends played football, I loved to stand on the touchline and comment. Then some well-meaning friends and family members encouraged me to go to a radio station and nurture that skill.

So just like that, it clicked?

No. It has been an arduous journey. When I completed JHS in the village, I decided to go to a high school in town that was close to a radio station. I was a boarder so I could not easily go out of school. To add to my disappointment, I had no one to lead me to the station.

In 2013, when I got an Android phone I went to Twitter regularly to pick football news. Thus I told myself that if I cannot get in touch with a radio personality, I’ll start something all by myself.

So what did you do and how did it go?

I started with a WhatsApp group. The idea was to disseminate sports news but most importantly to create a brand. That’s how Fujanja Sports Family came into being. At that time WhatsApp was new, but the idea worked fine. Members advertised the pages and within a short time I had four groups and a Facebook page.

My page became popular among some sports presenters. Finally, it reached Sir Van of Ahomka FM. He called to know more about me.

Okay, that means you were gradually reaching your goal?

Yeah, somehow. At this point, I had become a link for some sports presenters to get information for their programs.

Exactly, you were being noticed, so was that the point?

At Windy Bay

Not really. Fast forward to September 2015, as a student at UEW, I decided to go to Radio Windy Bay. It was more English than Akan so I didn’t enjoy it much, and I was only doing analysis, no commentary or presentation.

If you have a talent, determine to make it useful.


I think the real exposure came in 2017 when I was working with Ahomka FM. As usual, I did my analysis. Once, I got to the studio and the presenter had taken ill, so I was asked to present in his stead. I was nervous. I asked for time to build confidence- a few days. I recorded myself presenting in a studio and listened, now I was ready to do the actual work and I started. That was the point.

The journey has been tough, but have there been difficult experiences along the way?

In 2019, Ahomka FM came down. I moved to other FM stations -about three in Cape Coast but the conditions have not been okay so I don’t stay long. At the moment I am with Kingdom FM.

Combining my Radio work with Full-time Teaching and Higher Education is difficult but I love all I do so I go on.

Can you tell us about your motivation and successes?

My Mum is my number one cheerleader in all this. I am always grateful to her for the encouragement.

In 2021, I was nominated for National Youth Sports Presenter and I won that Award thanks to all who voted for me.

For 2022, I have been nominated for Central Region Sports Presenter, Sports Analyst of The Year, Sports Commentator, Central Business Entertainment Awards, Sports Personality of the year, and Radio Personality of the year.

I have also had the opportunity to meet some personalities that I would ordinarily not have met.

In developing one’s talent, success is not instant, it takes time and effort

To conclude I would say it pays to develop one’s skills. It takes resilience to get to the top. Beginning a career in any field is tough and it can be disappointing but the results are always gratifying.

My admirers can always follow me on

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Job trends to start before you leave school.

Are you an undergraduate? A high schooler or a high school graduate? Have you considered simple ways you can drive income into your pouch? Ride with me let’s search for money!

Generally, students do not think outside their field of study. They forget that most companies we admire are the result of a person’s ideas that were developed over time.

Most of the time, students leave their skills to chase employment that may be nonexistent. This attitude kills initiative.

Jobs may not be readily available but seizing opportunities with our skills or talents is always available

I have met students who would not explore their skills because their parents would not let them even though they have the desire to try. Others are grade/certificate conscious and would not want to explore anything apart from their course of study. Still, some desire to explore but do not know what to do or how to go about it. In this post, we are going to look at ideas that work.

What trends can you pursue?

Make a business out of your hobby

What are some hobbies that pay?

Do you enjoy the company of kids? Try babysitting some kids when you are less busy. If you do it well, in time, you’ll get many more kids. You can end up starting a school.

Cooking is one easy way of setting up a regular income stream. Start with something that people around need most. Advertise it sufficiently. Soon you will be managing a big brand like KFC.

If you draw, design, decorate, and paint take contracts by asking around for those who may need your services, teach others how to do it, produce artifacts for sale, design things and sell, and be a consultant in anything you’re good at. Start an online store.That will be your brand.

Are you interested in physical training? Then use the internet to your advantage. Or, why not create your course and promote it. Better yet start your blog or youtube channel. Offer to train children or groups. Perhaps you may not be in a position to start a physical gym but you can start an online gym with social media presence. In time it can happen.

What about selling photos you take on websites like Shutterstock, Adobe stock, Etsy, Getty Images, Stocksy, and a host of others.If you like photography, have you considered drone photography/videos, freelancing, or starting a photo book for sale. Building a personal brand as a photographer can be interesting if you showcase your work on social media platforms to build strong traffic.

Do you like writing? Contemplate starting an ebook. You can sell on sites, like Amazon KDP, and other sites or you can create an online store to sell. If starting a store is too big an idea, start a social media page where excerpts of your work will be featured regularly to draw a following for your next ideas. What about taking a skill improvement course in content writing after which you can be a freelance writer. Starting a blog to express yourself is a good way to sell your brand.

Public speaking is an interesting way of creating a brand. Opt to be an MC for programs, lead discussions, and ceremonies. Get an online presence, engage with others, and get to where you want to get to.

Oh, what about becoming a social media influencer. You can become one in the comfort of your own home and make a passive income. So select a niche, improve your social media profiles, generate valuable content and post regularly, connect with your followers and collaborate with other brands. In time you’ll love your brand.

Do you enjoy fashion trends in any way? Perhaps you like to sew, do makeup, fix hair or nails, decorate, or do anything gorgeous. Don’t waste time, take your signature to another level just by letting others know.

There are other awesome hobbies that one can tap into. So commence by honing your skills, then optimize your social media profiles and enhance your following.

How to do it?

Just do what you love doing.

Take risks. Looking at the world currently, things are changing rapidly. Follow business trends that function. Avoid lazy get-rich-quick schemes that waste time as well as addictive enticements that waste resources.

Always have business cards or flyers handy to give out, you might never know your next client.

These are common things around us but our passion and how we deliver our services will always make us stand out from the rest.

So start by doing any one of the following.

Rent out things you possess- old books, and other items you do not use anymore

Invest your resources in creative skills. You can get some of these courses on Udemy and Cousera

Join that extracurricular group that exposes you to problems that need immediate attention, that’s a good start.

Learn more about social media tools and invest in technology.

Benefits of starting now and not later

You stand to have gained experience in that skilled activity before you are out of school, therefore creating job opportunities for yourself.

Developing and using a skill enriches your resume.

You can employ yourself after school-Be a Boss

You can search for a job in that skill even if it is not your course of study.

You can be a consultant in that field should you discontinue that skill.

An incredible lifestyle

Are you a graduate hunting for the job of your dreams? Are you depressed and drained because you have not gotten one that is your choice? Maybe this story is what you need to jolt you out of your fantasies. The business story of Baaba Brown– a sculptor, chef, baker, teacher, life coach, event planner, and entrepreneur is our business link this month.

Tell us about yourself.

I am a self-taught baker who does everything baking-pastries. I started all this eight years ago. The story about my business journey is interesting. I never wanted to be a baker or a chef or to do anything food. I’m a visual artist. After my first degree, I wanted to be a lecturer-sculptor so I continued with my master’s degree. However, work did not come readily as I expected and the ones that came had conditions I could not satisfy- I had to pay in cash and kind to get a job. So for a time, I was unemployed.

How did you start your business?

I enjoy watching video DIYs. My mum is a teacher/cook so I helped her from time to time. I had never thought of making cooking a job nor did I want to do anything with that skill because I wanted to be a high-profile personality sitting in an office doing big things.

So how did you end up doing what you do now?

It was at an old school reunion. Most of the friends talked about their accomplishments and struggles in life. Coming home from that meeting, I kept thinking about my life as an unemployed person in the next few years. It dawned on me to do something. I weighed my options and how I could use my creativity. Unconsciously, I had accumulated a wealth of tools and materials for cooking and baking by watching videos. Thus, I started with baking and cooking.

Our skills are tools without which we can not achieve productivity.

Having the skill and tools made it easy I suppose?

Not really. I sometimes feel I’m a perfectionist. Though I was starting a new chapter,I preferred to start with a distinct brand. One that was unique and would be loved by all. I gave out a lot of samples and requested reviews. By so doing I was also marketing my skills. However, that meant less income. My biggest exposure was when a friend entrusted me with her wedding planning and food. It boosted my confidence so much and before I realized I was on my tenth order- now I’d lost count.

Tell us about the other things you do.

Once I started using my skills, it has been one thing after the other. I’m always flooded with ideas. When it comes to mind and I do not do it I become restless until it is done. As a visual artist, I am versatile. I do earrings, flip flops, woven shirts, soap, flower pots, and herbal teas. I am also into ovens.

What about ovens?

As a self-taught baker, I have used sand to bake, small ovens, commercial ovens, gas cooker ovens, electric ovens, and many baking styles. I have learned the pros and cons of all these ovens and I can recommend to anyone the best oven to use. Oven accessories are scarce -oven thermometers, mitts, racks, sheets, and other baking tools. After training, I have to help my trainees get a good oven and its accessories to start their business. That’s how come I ventured into the sale of ovens.

Can you share with us some interesting things in your journey of harnessing your skills?

It’s good to share so I enjoy sharing my skills with young girls who have to depend on others for survival. I’ve trained six ladies already in baking and cake decorating and they are established. I don’t mind if other women groups come on board- churches, communities, and institutions.

samosa and spring rolls

At the moment I’ve started a program on kitchen product reviews on YouTube. A lot of women have kitchen appliances but unfortunately do not know how to use them. So I coach them on appropriate tool use.

I’m working on a project on helping Ghanaian women to know how to use social media tools to improve their small-scale businesses.

In 2017, I met a chef who saw potential in my work and introduced me to the Chefs Association of Ghana. Since then, I have worked to attain their standard. As I speak, I am a certified chef with the Association. From time to time, I’m called to judge cooking competitions and I have a program on the radio about cooking skills and recipes.

This is one of many sculptures I have taught students

It’s just crazy passion that I do all that I do.

Baaba Brown

What have been the challenging moments in this journey?

Marketing everything I do. Until recently, I didn’t know how to use social media tools. So most of my customers were acquaintances and referrals. Now as I learned to use these tools I see improvement in my customer base. That’s why I want to help other women.

Capital to buy things in bulk is another challenge. I love to use new tools that make my work easier, however, the soaring prices of tools and food items make it difficult to keep up.

Time, time, time. It seems the 24hrs is not enough for me. My work is a mood thing for me. I can’t stay idle; I have to be busy. If I’m not baking or cooking, I’m doing craftwork or learning a new skill. I’m a professional teacher so combining all my talents with teaching leaves me exhausted but very happy and accomplished.

Any comments for those in search of a job?

Sometimes, I regret that I hadn’t started earlier and that I didn’t harness all these skills. There are many graduates out there who have my kind of mentality from the beginning- I want to do that and nothing else. Please, if that job is not coming, try another thing, that may even be your ladder to success. Starting a business is very difficult but after some time things get better. If you are in school, don’t wait till you finish before you start. Create a brand now with friends so that they can patronize your business even after school, and refer others to you.

After all these years, I still learn new things -learning on the job is interesting. I make progress by improving on my mistakes and practicing more.

What is your brand and what are the products?

I do celebration cakes, pastries, pizza, kish, yogurt, fruit drinks, breakfast basket, food basket, event planning, herbal teas, flowerpots, and other sculptures. I also sell ovens, grills, and burners.

Follow Brown’s cakery :

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A hairstylist shares her story

This website is focused on the campaign to develop skills and harness our talents. We are also positive about having a side hustle. Thus, we have also explored areas where we can develop these skills.

You can find more ideas here :

We are proud to host Lydia Kissiwaa, a chartered accountant who doubles as a hairstylist. We do hope you enjoy the interview.

Why wig making? You’re already a chartered account.

Honestly, I love to see people look good in their hair. The truth is, mine is sheer passion. I know this is funny but I do appreciate making people look and feel good.

How did your wig-making journey begin?

Well, the hub of knowledge to everyone today is YouTube. I started by continually viewing natural hairdos since I noticed most ladies keeping their hairs natural hardly style them differently but just stick to the usual. Then in time, I wanted a wig and the stylist I was introduced to had prices that continued to spike. So I decided to try making some myself and it worked. I practiced a lot too. I will continue to appreciate my family and friends who trusted me with their wigs back then. But I know for sure they miss the freestyling moments.

I have been making wigs for 7 years now but I monetized it just three and half years ago.

Have you had any challenges?

Combining my business with my regular 9-5 job hasn’t been easy.

Aside from that, it’s hard to delegate work fully to my assistants to help out, so in the long run, I end up taking up all their responsibilities which stresses me out.

Supplies for work are also hard to come by.

Familiarity has been a hindrance. Most clients due to our relationship fail to pay for services rendered to them. Some clients would place an order without a specific style in mind but would want you to style in any way you deem appropriate. Then would later come back annoyed that you didn’t style it the way they want. It sometimes makes you feel down.

After orders are placed and processed, the wigs are expected to reach clients; that is where another issue sets in – logistics. Transporting the hair around town is a big issue. Clients complain about dispatch riders and their rates. Dispatch riders also call to report rude clients, which is a headache.

Any high moments?

Oh yes. I have been able to teach 6 people so far and 3 are working full time as hairstylists and that makes me proud as a teacher.

I was jobless at one time but gains from making hair catered for my expenses and all other necessities. So I noticed my side hustle choice was a lifesaver during those hard times.

What’s your brand?

I’m Efya Blaq and I run Blaqs wigs. I make wigs and style hair. I offer quality services too.

Any plans for the future?

I’m looking to specialize in a specific area of hairstyling that will give me the time and allow me to master my skill. I’ll surely rely on my initial source, YouTube. Starting a salon that specifically cares for clients with natural hair is also one venture I would love to explore from styling to making natural hair products.

Customer satisfaction is our topmost priority

Blaq wigs

Any tips to help students or workers interested in this venture of hair making ?

I call them the essentials for starting a hair business. The right attitude is key for survival in this field, I would advise anyone who is interested, to be passionate about wig-making else the stress alone can crush you.
Remember that you can get free knowledge from YouTube which is relatively cheaper than enrolling in a school. But this is your decision to make.

You can start by purchasing cheap wigs and practicing. It’s a good start. Basic things you will need for starting the journey include a dummy head, a measuring tape since head shapes and sizes differ, stitching needles (specific ones for wigging are available), chalk, scissors, threads, and others.

Build your brand. Great packaging and branding are a plus, not to forget great customer relations and steady logistics.

Wig styling

Contact us
+233 20 170 8372
Our socials
Ig @blaqswigs
Locate us at Tema.

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How to start a fruit processing business.

An encounter with a fruit processor.

Since we launched the website a few weeks ago, the campaign has been to develop skills and harness our talents. We have also explored areas, where we can develop these skills.

You can find more ideas here 👇.

How to employ oneself in Ghana

We are proud to host Hajara Musah to tell us how she has put her skills to good use.

Rhoda:    Tell us your motivation for starting NASMA Fruit Juices.

Hajara:      I love mangoes and pineapples. Anytime I go to the market I think about the many fruits that go bad and have to be disposed of. Once, it occurred to me to start making fruit juice for sale.

Rhoda: So, how did it start?

Hajara: With 10 cedis worth of mangoes, pineapples, and ginger, I started production in my kitchen using my domestic blender. That day, and subsequent weeks, I produced ten 250ml bottles that I sold at 2.50p.

Rhoda: What has been the setback?

Hajara: I started by selling to colleagues, friends, and acquaintances. Patronage was promising, so I increased the quantity of the fruits.

From there, I decided to try places where people might need juice. I started with a restaurant on the University of Cape Coast campus. I left samples. A few days later, the manager called that they liked the product. I was hopeful about my business because it meant more production. However, they were not going to patronize the product because it was not registered.

It was a big blow. I didn’t know what registering the products involved. I almost quit. Nonetheless, I set out to inquire about registration at FDA.

The real problem was getting money to register the product, getting a place for production, and obtaining production equipment. Aside from these, mangoes and pineapples are seasonal fruits. Getting them was going to be tough.

Rhoda: How did you deal with that?

Hajara:       I took a risk to register the product, going through lab analysis and other protocols. Then I registered the business. After two years, my product was approved!

Rhoda: Well done. Can you tell us when you started?

Hajara: In 2018.

Rhoda: What is your success story?

Hajara: When I started up, I never thought I’d ever produce 500 bottles a week nor did I imagine I could produce different combinations.

Rhoda: Tell us how you arrived at these combinations.

Hajara: I started with pineapple and ginger juice, then I had pineapple and mango juice. Later, when the fruits were out of season I started ginger and natural spice drink. The newest product I introduced barely a month ago is hybis wine. As time goes on, I hope to produce other juice varieties that people would love.

Rhoda: Anything to share with us?

Hajara: Increased production means more hands. As a mother and full-time teacher, balancing the two has not been an easy undertaking. Getting people to help has been nearly impossible. Juice making is a skill I learned while growing up and it’s been a real privilege to use it as a side job. I am open to working with anyone interested in learning about drink production. I envisage increasing production to train more people.

I have learned in the last few years that to start a business, one has to bridge the gap between what people need and what you can give. It also involves taking a risk, without which one cannot achieve anything.

Our products are

mango pyn
pine ginger
ginger mix
hybis wine
Nasma dates

We have small packs for children. A carton of 12 pieces for 59 cedis. (500ml)

We are located in Cape Coast, Ghana.

Call Hajara on


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Simple ways to get a job in Ghana

The search for work is high, as each year, a sea of high school  and university graduates flood the job market.

The hard truth is that having a degree  or specialized training is no guarantee  that one can find work in his/her chosen career.

Therefore, it has become  quite  common for many people to change  career entirely or change jobs several times in order to survive.

  • What can you do while in school to prepare for the world of work?
  • If you find yourself  unemployed after school or specialized training, what can you do to survive?
  • How can workers prepare now for sudden  unemployment?

1. Get links

At  every point in our life we need links. That’s why we don’t have to destroy  our relationship with people. Apart from our family and friends we contact  often, there comes times we need old school mates, old contacts and acquaintances to link us up.

For most times, our kindness or other beautiful  qualities may attract us to strangers who may be of help.

2. Ask around

In some places, many jobs aren’t  advertised. So, contact companies  that may need your skills even if they have not advertised. Keep trying  until fortune smiles at you. Never be shy to tell people about  your search for a job. By telling  them, they may help you get one.

3. Be observant

Ask questions about buildings and other ongoing  projects  in your locality. Read notices. Follow  job seeking links  on the internet, beware of fraudsters.

4. Be open-minded

Being  adaptable can help lift us from the pit of unemployment. How? Most job seekers  have their ideal jobs in mind. Once they don’t get it, they keep waiting. Sometimes,  the job that comes our way may even be different from the skills we have acquired. Do we let it go? Not at all. We take every decent opportunity that comes our way to learn more skills that may be helpful  to us in the future.

5. Be realistic

In time, you may get  a job that you like. In the meantime,  don’t  look down  on any job. Ask to perform  services for others. Such service rendering  may even be the key you need to open the door to the opportunities you have always dreamed of.

6. Work for yourself

This series has been  advocating for skill acquisition and talent development.    Having practical skills  can help one set  up a business with or without  capital, and you can be your own boss. Why not try and learn a skill? Will you  harness a talent  or hobby and make money out of it? Do it soon!

We’ll be happy to  hear  your  comments. Send us  stories about your business  journey let’s  share with others.

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