Job trends to start before you leave school.

Are you an undergraduate? A high schooler or a high school graduate? Have you considered simple ways you can drive income into your pouch? Ride with me let’s search for money!

Generally, students do not think outside their field of study. They forget that most companies we admire are the result of a person’s ideas that were developed over time.

Most of the time, students leave their skills to chase employment that may be nonexistent. This attitude kills initiative.

Jobs may not be readily available but seizing opportunities with our skills or talents is always available

I have met students who would not explore their skills because their parents would not let them even though they have the desire to try. Others are grade/certificate conscious and would not want to explore anything apart from their course of study. Still, some desire to explore but do not know what to do or how to go about it. In this post, we are going to look at ideas that work.

What trends can you pursue?

Make a business out of your hobby

What are some hobbies that pay?

Do you enjoy the company of kids? Try babysitting some kids when you are less busy. If you do it well, in time, you’ll get many more kids. You can end up starting a school.

Cooking is one easy way of setting up a regular income stream. Start with something that people around need most. Advertise it sufficiently. Soon you will be managing a big brand like KFC.

If you draw, design, decorate, and paint take contracts by asking around for those who may need your services, teach others how to do it, produce artifacts for sale, design things and sell, and be a consultant in anything you’re good at. Start an online store. That will be your brand.

Are you interested in physical training? Then use the internet to your advantage. Or, why not create your course and promote it? Better yet start your blog or youtube channel. Offer to train children or groups. Perhaps you may not be in a position to start a physical gym but you can start an online gym with social media presence. In time it can happen.

What about selling photos you take on websites like Shutterstock, Adobe stock, Etsy, Getty Images, Stocksy, and a host of others?If you like photography, have you considered drone photography/videos, freelancing, or starting a photo book for sale? Building a personal brand as a photographer can be interesting if you showcase your work on social media platforms to build strong traffic.

Do you like writing? Contemplate starting an ebook. You can sell on sites, like Amazon KDP, and other sites or you can create an online store to sell. If starting a store is too big an idea, start a social media page where excerpts of your work will be featured regularly to draw a following for your next ideas. What about taking a skill improvement course in content writing after which you can be a freelance writer? Starting a blog to express yourself is a good way to sell your brand.

Public speaking is an interesting way of creating a brand. Opt to be an MC for programs, lead discussions, and ceremonies. Get an online presence, engage with others, and get to where you want to get to.

Oh, what about becoming a social media influencer? You can become one in the comfort of your own home and make a passive income. So select a niche, improve your social media profiles, generate valuable content and post regularly, connect with your followers and collaborate with other brands. In time you’ll love your brand.

Do you enjoy fashion trends in any way? Perhaps you like to sew, do makeup, fix hair or nails, decorate, or do anything gorgeous. Don’t waste time, take your signature to another level just by letting others know.

There are other awesome hobbies that one can tap into. So commence by honing your skills, then optimize your social media profiles and enhance your following.

How to do it?

Just do what you love doing.

Take risks. Looking at the world currently, things are changing rapidly. Follow business trends that function. Avoid lazy get-rich-quick schemes that waste time as well as addictive enticements that waste resources.

Always have business cards or flyers handy to give out, you might never know your next client.

These are common things around us but our passion and how we deliver our services will always make us stand out from the rest.

So start by doing any one of the following.

Rent out things you possess- old books, and other items you do not use anymore

Invest your resources in creative skills. You can get some of these courses on Udemy and Coursera.

Join that extracurricular group that exposes you to problems that need immediate attention, that’s a good start.

Learn more about social media tools and invest in technology.

Benefits of starting now and not later

You stand to have gained experience in that skilled activity before you are out of school, therefore creating job opportunities for yourself.

Developing and using a skill enriches your resume.

You can employ yourself after school-Be a Boss

You can search for a job in that skill even if it is not your course of study.

You can be a consultant in that field should you discontinue that skill.

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A hairstylist shares her story

This website is focused on the campaign to develop skills and harness our talents. We are also positive about having a side hustle. Thus, we have also explored areas where we can develop these skills.

You can find more ideas here :

We are proud to host Lydia Kissiwaa, a chartered accountant who doubles as a hairstylist. We do hope you enjoy the interview.

Why wig making? You’re already a chartered account.

Honestly, I love to see people look good in their hair. The truth is, mine is sheer passion. I know this is funny but I do appreciate making people look and feel good.

How did your wig-making journey begin?

Well, the hub of knowledge to everyone today is YouTube. I started by continually viewing natural hairdos since I noticed most ladies keeping their hairs natural hardly style them differently but just stick to the usual. Then in time, I wanted a wig and the stylist I was introduced to had prices that continued to spike. So I decided to try making some myself and it worked. I practiced a lot too. I will continue to appreciate my family and friends who trusted me with their wigs back then. But I know for sure they miss the freestyling moments.

I have been making wigs for 7 years now but I monetized it just three and half years ago.

Have you had any challenges?

Combining my business with my regular 9-5 job hasn’t been easy.

Aside from that, it’s hard to delegate work fully to my assistants to help out, so in the long run, I end up taking up all their responsibilities which stresses me out.

Supplies for work are also hard to come by.

Familiarity has been a hindrance. Most clients due to our relationship fail to pay for services rendered to them. Some clients would place an order without a specific style in mind but would want you to style in any way you deem appropriate. Then would later come back annoyed that you didn’t style it the way they want. It sometimes makes you feel down.

After orders are placed and processed, the wigs are expected to reach clients; that is where another issue sets in – logistics. Transporting the hair around town is a big issue. Clients complain about dispatch riders and their rates. Dispatch riders also call to report rude clients, which is a headache.

Any high moments?

Oh yes. I have been able to teach 6 people so far and 3 are working full time as hairstylists and that makes me proud as a teacher.

I was jobless at one time but gains from making hair catered for my expenses and all other necessities. So I noticed my side hustle choice was a lifesaver during those hard times.

What’s your brand?

I’m Efya Blaq and I run Blaqs wigs. I make wigs and style hair. I offer quality services too.

Any plans for the future?

I’m looking to specialize in a specific area of hairstyling that will give me the time and allow me to master my skill. I’ll surely rely on my initial source, YouTube. Starting a salon that specifically cares for clients with natural hair is also one venture I would love to explore from styling to making natural hair products.

Customer satisfaction is our topmost priority

Blaq wigs

Any tips to help students or workers interested in this venture of hair making ?

I call them the essentials for starting a hair business. The right attitude is key for survival in this field, I would advise anyone who is interested, to be passionate about wig-making else the stress alone can crush you.
Remember that you can get free knowledge from YouTube which is relatively cheaper than enrolling in a school. But this is your decision to make.

You can start by purchasing cheap wigs and practicing. It’s a good start. Basic things you will need for starting the journey include a dummy head, a measuring tape since head shapes and sizes differ, stitching needles (specific ones for wigging are available), chalk, scissors, threads, and others.

Build your brand. Great packaging and branding are a plus, not to forget great customer relations and steady logistics.

Wig styling

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Locate us at Tema.

Let’s inspire others. What are you accomplishing with your skills? You can also share your story here. Send it to

Are you enjoying your work?

For most people, the amount of work done does not commensurate with their earnings. Thus, they are not motivated to put much effort into their work.

Could it be your work environment? Maybe you are pessimistic about how things are moving. You worry that you can not achieve much in your present position. Or that you can not find anything matching your search for a respectable job. It can also be that the pressure at work is sapping your joy.

Were you desperate for anything that came along? Many graduates out of desperation accept anything they find just to survive. Some take up employment that they later regret. Others pay a high price-sex, big cash- to be offered a place to work; they later find out how unsuitable the job is or they are faced with other things that they must do to keep the job.

Have you been doing this job for a long time that you have lost interest in it? Doing the same thing over and over again can be boring, especially when it is in the same environment.

Are you doing a job you are not skilled in? It does happen that people take jobs they are not qualified for just to be employed. Others are pushed into positions because of someone they know at the ‘top’, with the view to learn on the job. The reality is that once the skill and passion for the job are not there, anxiety sets in and you lose interest in working.

For others, a change in circumstance makes it difficult to enjoy their work. When we are younger, we start with a lot of energy and enthusiasm to learn new things, make more money, travel the world, and touch the moon. However, as we grow older, parental obligations, health concerns, and additional responsibilities may have a toll on us making it almost impossible to find fulfillment in our careers.

No matter the reason you do not enjoy your work, there are ways to deal with it. Much of what satisfies us is our motives and passion.

Stay positive

Know that we are full of possibilities. Have you ever said, I can’t do so or so? Did you try before concluding? By exploring the world around you, and thinking outside your comfort zone, you’ll find your interest. By exploring new experiences, you will realize pretty soon that what you felt could never be done is feasible. Most people find that a regular 8-4/9-5 job can no longer fill their needs so they do other things that bring them fulfillment- enhancing their talents.

Be diligent

Your work is a means to an end. Remembering this can help you to concentrate on doing your best. If we can be trusted with duties, it is an avenue to seek out more opportunities and get referrals. Being able to give more than is expected makes a person valuable to others. Once people are content with our work, they will patronize us, thus, generating more revenue for us.

The plans of the diligent one surely lead to success…

King Solomon

Remain focused

Ask yourself, Who am I proving myself to? Many people compare their career lives with others. We are all not the same. We have limitations, abilities, and expertise that make us different from others. We may start slow but end big. This does not make us unworthy. Focusing on what we can do and taking pride in our feat can give us a measure of satisfaction. Recognizing what makes us fulfilled is the key to enjoying our work.

Know your priorities

What do you wish to achieve with your career or business? Once you know what you expect, work towards it. Is it that you are limiting yourself because it seems your goals are beyond your reach? Talk to genuine people about your intentions. Read more about what you want to do. Join people who have similar interests, ask questions about how to go, fuel your initiative and seize opportunities to explore.

Learn more skills.

Having more skills is the best way to get out of a job you find unfulfilling. Many people find more satisfaction in working as entrepreneurs than employees. Possessing multiple skills can make work-life intriguing. One does not need to feel bored performing the same tasks over and over again. Toggling another duty breaks the boredom. It also comes with a lot of flexibility and financial potential. Investing in oneself is the best gift one can give himself. So take a course that relates to a passionate skill. Veer into other fields outside your field. Acquiring knowledge about many different fields adds up information to innovate.

The harder you work for something you love, the more meaningful your life becomes.

Joseph Barbara

In many ways, our finding fulfillment in our career is directly related to personal motivations, ambitions, beliefs, past and present experiences, our work environment-colleagues at work, clients and our employer, money, time, present circumstances, family situation, and the world around us.

Accomplishment is relative because people seem to have different things that make them satisfied. Going to work daily is drudgery for many who do not feel challenged at what they do. A good number dread their work for not being appreciated and valued for the effort they put into their work or compensated for doing extraordinary labor, whereas several others are denied promotion.

No matter how you despise your job, enjoying it is intrinsic. Therefore, invest in activities that you believe in. Just develop your passion.

Do share with us what makes you enjoy your career or business in the comment section or reach us at, pub-7411929874622049, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0