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Making money as a student

Are you ready to start that business this year? There are several ways of building that small business. No experience required! Very little capital is needed.

If you have the vision, desire, and will, you can start a successful business even as a student from your pocket money.

The fastest-growing jobs are around us. What are the things that people need in your zone? How can you meet these needs with the things you already have?

Most students have fridges. If you do, why not throw in some drinks and water and make some coins from it? Let’s start with five packs and see how it goes!

Will you try frozen foods like sausage and gizzards? Maybe you can fry for your friend and add three pieces of yam. Yummy! Why not try just ten packs a week?

What about expanding the family business? Can you take orders for small things that your mates might need? Hand sanitizer, wig, perfume, deodorant, sanitary pad, underwear, etc. It can even be groceries. Ask that these goods are sent to you, possibly, fortnightly, for onward delivery to your clients.

Guess, you might find your next hustle from here and save up for the next dream. Just think about what is available to you and start something.

If you have a skill or talent, you are already there. Just make it known and roll.

Are you thinking of the time? No fears. You decide. Can you do business one day a week, in the evenings or on weekends? At your convenience!

Our hobbies and passions can open business opportunities for us now. Be your boss today. Let’s try now before we’re out of school! What’s your next job?

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