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Maximize your profit by using social media tools

Should I just quit?

This question continues to haunt many.

Several people start businesses that have great potential to expand but due to low patronage and publicity, they end up investing so much and gaining close to nothing. Thus, they give up on their dreams.

I’m optimistic that you can revive your business even in cases where there is no hope or establish one to provide you with positive returns. In this post, we’ll see how social media tools can enhance our marketing strategy.

A new era of marketing with digital tools

How to keep a business prospect alive.

Identify a need in society and find ways to solve it. This is a key step to establishing a successful business. This involves the demand too.
Pointing out a need though essential may be a waste of time and money if there is low demand.

Focus on productivity not just being busy

Thriving in a particular job is not necessarily about being engaged. A good number of people are operating a side hustle to make additional income. There are people out there who have established businesses, and employed people to manage while they are away pursuing their careers. In most cases, these businesses perform badly, fetching very little revenue. Would it be prudent to keep such a business? Why not think of other ways of being productive?

Refine business policies that don’t work

If the business you are operating has very low patronage leading to losses find other strategies that will work. Could it be where you are situated? Could it be that your quality does not meet a certain standard?

One possible route to identifying a key deficiency is engaging consumers or customers.

Use social media to boost your revenue.

One area businesses are gaining momentum today is social media. No matter how small your business, using digital marketing strategies is the way forward. How can you use social media to boost your Business?

You can use Google Business. This is a free tool that Businesses can use to drive traffic. How does it work? Business owners only need to create a Business Profile and manage their Business. You can reach more customers even if you sell something as small as a pin. Are you ready? Let’s go through the process.

On your phone, sign in to Google Maps.

Step 1 Click on your account on the right side of the search bar

Step 2 In the Business Profile, Click Add your Business

Step 3 In the Business Profile Manager, create your Business Profile

Step 4 Follow the screen instructions to finish signing up for your Business

If your business is already on Google Maps, then claim it and manage it as you like it.

Step 1 Open Maps

Step 2 In the search bar, enter the business name

Step 3 Click on the correct name of your Business

Step 4 Click on claim business and manage your business.

Yes, it is that simple. You can always add pictures of the shop or the products you are selling. Be sure to mention everything you do so that when people put in a search query about something, you can rank on Google Search. You can also answer questions and deal directly with new clients searching for your goods or services.

Get started on Facebook

Meta for Business

Create a Facebook Business Page in these simple steps.

From the homepage of your profile, click Pages on the left-hand panel, scroll down and click Create New Page. Follow the screen instructions to complete signing up.

Once the page is created manage it as you want. Create a welcome post to greet your visitors and let them know how you can engage with them. Grow your brand and your customers by inviting others to like your page.

Using Instagram for Business

Since Instagram is a visual platform, share more photos and videos to invite others to engage with your Business. How to do it?

Set up a business account by opening your profile; then tap on the menu icon in the top right corner. Tap Settings, then Account. You now tap on Switch to a Professional Account; you’ll receive prompts to create your account and add all the details.

Remember you can link your Facebook Page with your Instagram Account to optimize your business performance.

Set up your YouTube Business Account and Channel

Sign in to YouTube on your mobile device or computer using your personal Google account. Go to the channel list, and click Use a Business or other name. This will lead you to a screen where you can enter your Business Name.

Now you’re ready to create your channel. Click create a channel in the dropdown menu. Fill out details about your new channel; verify your account and click Done.

Now you’re ready to start your channel on YouTube. To enhance your channel, create a strong visual identity by choosing professional images and following YouTube’s recommended dimensions. Be sure to make your contact details available to your viewers.

Other tools to use

You can set up a TikTok Business Page, Twitter Business Account, or LinkedIn Business Account. With over a billion people using social media, you can always find customers to engage with your business.

Thus far, are you still thinking about quitting that business? Enhance it by learning from your past mistakes. If a particular tool fits your marketing campaign, read more about it and hone your skills to enrich your business. If you are about to start a new business we wish you nothing but the best.

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