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How to employ oneself in Ghana

Every student has a dream of climbing the educational ladder which is a good thing.

Unfortunately, these days, our certificates can hardly help us land jobs that can help us take care of ourselves. It is for this reason we have to look at skill acquisition and development of talents. What are some jobs we can do as we look for those we like?
We can start very young. Preteens can learn basic skills at home. Skills like cleaning, washing clothes and cars, reading, drawing and writing, cooking, etc.
Teenagers can start making money with those basic skills acquired from infancy. They can wash cars, clean homes, prepare food, play the piano, sing at events, run errands, etc, all at a fee. Also included are helping an artisan in a skill of one’s choice after school or during vacations, and engaging in buying and selling. Parents should help their children in this regard so that they don’t only play and depend on them.
Tertiary students can also make money while in school. Selling water, drinks, groceries, small food portions like spring rolls and other pastries, cooked food portions like stews, shito, fried fish, meat, etc in packs. They can also engage in credit/MOMO transfers. Students can also clean, run errands and provide services like hairdressing, quick make-up, and nails, barbering, sewing, typing and printing of assignments for others, project work consultation, research analysis, etc.
What about workers? Most workers want a side job but they don’t know exactly what to do. If you have a talent why not make it a business? If you love cooking take orders from friends and cook for their events. Cook small portions of food to sell to colleagues and other office workers. Do you have several bachelors in your zone? Make soups and stews for them at a fee. Are you a good marketer? Sell things that move fast – clothes, shoes, diapers and toiletries, homemade drinks like sobolo and other fruit juices, pastries, bread, shito, rice, oil, frozen foods, eggs, etc. Cleaning and delivery services are good options too. If you have a car why not pick kids up to and from school each day for a fee?
Do you have a skill in plumbing, electricals or masonry, haircut, make-up, sewing, event planning, interior decoration, etc? Advertise. Tell a friend to tell a friend. What is the next job? Stay tuned
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