Organize your space by decluttering

Have you entered a room or home that looked cluttered, smelled stuffy, and uncomfortable? How did you feel about the host?

Sure, nothing beats a home that looks, smells, and feels refreshing. In this post, we are going to look at efficient ways to make a home or space look organized and fresh. Decluttering can be easier than you think.

Why declutter?

People think that having more makes them happy but the truth is having more takes a lot of time to maintain thus making one stressed and unable to maintain. In time, the things gather dust and lose their luster, and your love for them eventually wanes.

Clutter breeds insects and rodents; making a home or room look and smell awful. It also makes it difficult to find things easily. A cluttered space mostly reflects on you as a disorganized person.


How to get started with decluttering 


Our tastes and needs change over time, what seemed important years ago may not amuse you much today. So from time to time assess your belongings. Those things you know do not meet your taste now have to go. Some have to go into boxes for sale, as donations, or even as trash.

Once you declutter, you may find things you have been looking for or have marked as lost. Start from the surface and then go deep. Don’t be too emotional about your belongings. If it needs to go, just let it go. If it has to stay be sure you can maintain it. There will be no need to keep things that have no usage and will gather dust.

Mostly, just rearranging and reorganizing the whole space can give you a new lease on life. Change positions of things- tv, furniture, pictures,  beds, etc. Nothing compares to a space that looks, smells, and feels refreshing.

Your space should not be a storage space but a living space. That is why it should be decluttered regularly. 

Choose the right time of day to declutter. It is good to do it early in the day when your energy is high and you are alert to see things that are not properly placed.

How often should you declutter?

Don’t wait till you are drowned in mess. You can try doing it weekly, biweekly, monthly, or quarterly. Decluttering routinely will keep your space clean all year round. Make decluttering a priority.

To end it all, think about how rejuvenating it would be to get home to a well-organized space greeting you with all the freshness you can think about after a stressful day as opposed to a cluttered chaotic space.

By all means, find time to do this much-needed exercise.  Learn how to do it. If you are too busy to clean up just book an appointment with us and we will do it for you neatly at a very good price. Terms of Booking