Ask Me How I Found a Side Hustle

Have you thought about the fact that one can create a steady income with insignificant household items? Everyone needs to have a cozy home environment where one can feel comfy. Look around, what is the one thing you find that you can make useful?

That’s how Ama Temaa started her business. Our business link for the month. She is into crafts.

She tells Next Job about her inspiration, how it started, the journey so far, and her aspirations.

Ama wearing a shell coverup dress she made

Next Job Link is a platform that seeks to motivate the youth in Ghana to acquire skills and harness their talents for passive income rather than always chasing white color jobs which may be out of reach. Our target audience is predominately high school and college graduates.

With this introduction in mind, we hope that this interview would be an interesting one that would push our audience especially those interested in crafts to do more and make money.

NJL: Ama, tell us how By Temaa business journey began and its progress so far.

It started during the summer break of my master’s program when the pandemic was at an all-time high. By Temaa is about two years now. I’ve always had an interest in creating since I can remember from making bead bracelets for family and friends and other crafts. Back in high school, just like most kids who are fascinated by crochet crafts I took an interest and started some on my own, and to my amazement, I was good at it.

I love to create. The process of seeing work grow into something spectacular is amazing. I can boldly say I have an artistic eye (laughs). With my brand By Temaa, I started by watching YouTube videos and teaching myself little things like beanies, then I shifted to dresses for friends, and even graphing hands (images and designs made by crochet), and now I prioritize inking custom-made rugs.

The rug-making process

NJL: Does this mean you no longer make crochet crafts?

Oh not really, I still make them but they’re strictly on a pre-order basis. One thing I also noticed was that it became too common and the smartest move was to switch to a new emerging craft Custom Rug Designing.

NJL: Keeping a full-time job alongside a side hustle seems to be a problem to many youths today. How have you been able to perfectly balance these two and still keep in shape?

Well, my business is my interest. One practical way around this is scheduling. I do what I have to when I have to. This is to prevent a clash in my triangle (my job, side hustle, and interest). I accept only pre-orders for custom rugs. Since this is a one-woman business, I try to give myself breaks when necessary. I also don’t forget to work out, that’s my passion.

NJL: Have you had any pressing challenges concerning By Temaa?

Not getting a variety of color hues of yarn easily is difficult. Since custom rug designs are fairly new to the Ghanaian market, the supplies for this business are not readily available. Some clients don’t understand that materials are scarce and costly. Making custom rugs take time. Quality is equivalent to time. Some clients don’t understand this. Many still expect the prices of custom rugs to be often similar to bulk-made rugs.

NJL: Share with us your business success

Earnings from making rugs help me cover my expenses and other necessities. So I’d say it sustains me in my low moments.

Another success not so long ago was crossing the Ghanaian border by making a rug for the hitmaker Davido. It is and will continue to be one of my favorite blissful moments.

Davido on his custom rug

NJL: What would you attribute your success to?

Nothing sells more than quality. Maintaining the quality and reliability of my brand has contributed significantly to my success. Social media has also been of great help. That’s one of the simplest ways to get publicized. I’d recommend it to every business owner.

NJL: Any plans for the future?

I’m looking at attending training courses that would allow me to better master my skill. I’m also open to train like minds interested in making rugs.

I envision expanding and getting more hands on deck.

NJL: How would I place an order?

Full payment or part payment is required before processing an order. Clients should note that it’s not one price for all. This could be attributed to design, size, and color hue. It’s that simple.

My customized rugs range from 12 inches to 48 inches. I’m currently in Accra but I have delivery services available for my lovely clients.

Thanks, Ama we loved your interview.

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