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Are you enjoying your work?

For most people, the amount of work done does not commensurate with their earnings. Thus, they are not motivated to put much effort into their work.

Could it be your work environment? Maybe you are pessimistic about how things are moving. You worry that you can not achieve much in your present position. Or that you can not find anything matching your search for a respectable job. It can also be that the pressure at work is sapping your joy.

Were you desperate for anything that came along? Many graduates out of desperation accept anything they find just to survive. Some take up employment that they later regret. Others pay a high price-sex, big cash- to be offered a place to work; they later find out how unsuitable the job is or they are faced with other things that they must do to keep the job.

Have you been doing this job for a long time that you have lost interest? Doing the same thing over and over again can be boring, especially when it is in the same environment.

Are you doing a job you are not skilled for? It does happen that people take jobs they are not qualified for just to be employed. Others are pushed into positions because of someone they know at the ‘top’, with the view to learn on the job. The reality is that once the skill and passion for the job are not there, anxiety sets in and you lose interest in working.

For others, a change in circumstance makes it difficult to enjoy their work. When we are younger, we start with a lot of energy and enthusiasm to learn new things, make more money, travel the world, and touch the moon. However, as we grow older, parental obligations, health concerns, and additional responsibilities may have a toll on us making it almost impossible to find fulfillment in our careers.

No matter the reason you do not enjoy your work, there are ways to deal with it. Much of what satisfies us is our motives and passion.

Stay positive

Know that we are full of possibilities. Have you ever said, I can’t do so or so? Did you try before concluding? Exploring the world around you, thinking outside your comfort zone, you’ll find your interest. By exploring new experiences, you will realize pretty soon that what you felt could never be done is feasible. Most people find that a regular 8-4/9-5 job can no longer fill their needs so they do other things that bring them fulfillment- enhancing their talents.

Be diligent

Your work is a means to an end. Remembering this can help you to concentrate on doing your best. If we can be trusted with duties, it is an avenue to seek out more opportunities and get referrals. Being able to give more than is expected makes a person valuable to others. Once people are content with our work, they will patronize us, thus, generating more revenue for us.

The plans of the diligent one surely lead to success…

King Solomon

Remain focused

Ask yourself, Who am I proving myself to? Many people compare their career lives with others. We are all not the same. We have limitations, abilities, and expertise that make us different from others. We may start slow but end big. This does not make us unworthy. Focusing on what we can do and taking pride in our feat can give us a measure of satisfaction. Recognizing what makes us fulfilled is the key to enjoying our work.

Know your priorities

What do you wish to achieve with your career or business? Once you know what you expect, work towards it. Is it that you are limiting yourself because it seems your goals are beyond your reach? Talk to genuine people about your intentions. Read more about what you want to do. Join people who have similar interests, ask questions about how to go, fuel your initiative and seize opportunities to explore.

Learn more skills.

Having more skills is the best way to get out of a job you find unfulfilling. Many people find more satisfaction working as entrepreneurs than employees. Possessing multiple skills can make work-life intriguing. One does not need to feel bored performing the same tasks over and over again. Toggling another duty breaks the boredom. It also comes with a lot of flexibility and financial potential. Investing in oneself is the best gift one can give himself. So take a course that relates to a passionate skill. Veer into other fields outside your field. Acquiring knowledge about many different fields adds up information to innovate.

The harder you work for something you love, the more meaningful your life becomes.

Joseph Barbara

In many ways, our finding fulfillment in our career is directly related to personal motivations, ambitions, beliefs, past and present experiences, our work environment-colleagues at work, clients and our employer, money, time, present circumstances, family situation, and the world around us.

Accomplishment is relative because people seem to have different things that make them satisfied. Going to work daily is drudgery for many who do not feel challenged at what they do. A good number dread their work for not being appreciated and valued for the effort they put into their work or compensated for doing extraordinary labor, whereas several others are denied promotion.

No matter how you despise your job, enjoying it is intrinsic. Therefore, invest in activities that you believe in. Just develop your passion.

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