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5 Proven Ways Students Can Get Part-time Jobs.

As a student, have you wondered how you can get a part-time job to tide you over?

Part-Time Jobs

The truth is that anyone can be a part-timer. You can do part-time jobs online, or at home. Just figure out what your interest is and go from there.

Again, if you are like me who knows no one to link you to something big, all hope is not lost for you. You can still get a part-time job. All it takes is a little brainstorming and you can lay your hand on something to do.

What are the pros and cons of working as a student? There have been many debates on this subject.

Working part-time as a student will make you weary and affect your academic performance but does it mean you can not work part-time?

You can. Well, we sleep for eight hours and study for eight hours. That means we have eight hours for other things including work. Thus, there is room for us to work part-time.

Why you should have a part-time job as a student.

Being a part-timer as a student teaches you to be productive in doing things within a relatively short time.

Time management becomes essential to you because you learn to prioritize.

Prioritizing teaches self-discipline.

While working, you build a portfolio for your future career.

Working part-time is an avenue for upskilling.

Money issues are reduced when you work part-time.

What can you do as a part-timer?

You can take employment from companies, hotels or restaurants, gas stations, and grocery stores near you during vacations and weekends.

Part-time Jobs online

Do you know that if you like to work on your own, there are endless possibilities available? Keep exploring; know what will fit your lifestyle and your schedule.
Consider doing anything like the following.

  • You can do delivery services
  • Write for blogs
  • Be an affiliate marketer
  • Tutor
  • Cleaner before or after school
  • Reviewer
  • Graphic Designing
  • Take photos
  • Be a social media influencer
  • Go into grooming and selling pets
  • Take orders for events

Part-time Jobs you can do at home

Can you go into crafts as a part-timer?

Make anything like earrings, flip-flops, pendants, picture frames, wreaths, flowers, gift wrapping, aprons, bookmakers, decorated mugs, flower vases, pillows, tote bags, soap, book covers, pencil cases, dusters, stickers, purses, scarves, note pads, hair bands, hair braiding, nails, make-up, crochets, etc.

Read more about how you can do it here

Peddle everyday items as a part-time job

Selling things that we use every day can be another part-time job we can do. Find anything that people around may need readily. You can read more about creating a brand here

These are the experiences of students who had part-time jobs while they were in school.

Realizing that people wanted snacks around campus, I decided to start with spring rolls and fruit drinks during my second year at the University of Ghana. When I started, it was difficult to get buyers. I registered for stands during hall and department week celebrations and that increased my popularity. In time I could make enough money to tide me over.

Kwadwo. Kay’s Snack n Lunch

Learning to do make-up during the vacation was helpful. I knew many of my mates liked to make up. I made flyers to get people to notice me and kept advertising my brand during campus programs. My products were quality and my prices were affordable. I worked anywhere my clients felt comfortable.

Michiyo Blinks
Adubea’s experience as a part-timer.

So if you are reading this post to check out links and companies hiring, don’t worry; I’ll still share those links soon.

But remember your part-time job is only a stopgap to tide you over so it may not be a dream job.

Nonetheless, it can become a dream job if you do it well and earn enough to take care of necessary business.

Look no further, you are the link you are looking for so click yourself now and start working.
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