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3 Reasons You Are Not Getting A Job With Your Certificate

Most graduates are looking for jobs.

If you are looking to find a job, just know that there is no magic button to press and land your dream job.  You have to add value to yourself.

There are a ton of ways to get a job but it can be easy if you have certain qualities and skills. Ultimately, if you want that job you have been dreaming about, do these things I’m going to talk about.

These tips will cost you nothing but you just have to try them.

Before you read about how to land your job…

Let’s find out if you have these questions

Are you not getting a job after your degree program? Do you feel you have wasted time and money pursuing a degree that is not marketable? Who would employ you today without a professional degree? Do you feel overwhelmed with all the info out there about how to get a job?

Why Graduates Cannot Find Jobs

Most graduates who can not find jobs after pursuing a university degree are distraught basically because they lack the skills and competencies needed in the world of work. This is called the skill gap.

What is the skill gap? It is the disparity between the skills required for a job and the skills that potential employees possess. What can you do to bridge the gap?

If you are reading this post, it means you sure want to learn something to improve yourself. Let’s do this!

Recently, there have been a lot of questions about careers one can go into after pursuing a program, especially in the arts/ humanities.

Courses in the arts like literature, history, anthropology, religion, philosophy, linguistics, language studies, etc are aimed at developing critical thinking skills. Have they lost their value as others may think?

In this post, we are going to explore some interesting ways these courses prepare one for a variety of careers and available job prospects as well as skills that students and graduates should look out for to make them sellable.


Skill set one learns at school

Since academic programs aim at reading-wide, therefore,  a person stands the chance of gaining skills in a wide variety of fields

  • A person can master the art of presenting cogent ideas and defending opinions.
  • Processing a lot of data and coming out with satisfying conclusions
  • Enhancing one’s understanding of new ways of thinking from differing perspectives
  • Understanding dense material
  • Writing good reports
  • Understanding human behavior and ideologies
  • Communication
  • Analysis
  • Exploring one’s imagination, drawing out creativity, and in-depth knowledge
  • Public speaking

Job options available

If you were trained in the arts or humanities, job prospects are numerous. Sadly, students keep asking what they can do with the knowledge they have acquired. Don’t be left out. You can think about  the so many job prospects like publishing, customer service, public service, teaching, researching, writing, reporting, editing, public relations, proofreading, advertising, media, travel, event planning, law, journalism, investigation, acting, translation, voice acting, social work, etc

Even with the jobs mentioned above, the use of technology is a deal breaker

Students studying the sciences are privy to gaining the in-depth knowledge. Science-based programs in universities are structured to equip students with theoretical and practical knowledge. This enhances many skills like

  • critical thinking abilities
  • problem-solving
  • data collection
  • strong analytical skills for everyday life

Due to the nature of science and its continuous advancement, students are required to keep up with current trends in the discipline. These skill sets from science programs make students from these courses ideal candidates for managerial roles, data analytics, advisory and consultancy, research studies, and explorations.

Why is my job search prospect bleak?

Have you been too myopic about jobs? Many out there carry the mentality of the middle ages. They forget that work and lifestyles have evolved thus, they need to do the same. Graduates cannot always look for jobs but create their jobs. With technology expanding, don’t only be intelligent be smart. Turn your ideas into a job that people will love to engage with. Move out of your comfort zone, and try other things outside your field.

10 skills that employers require these days from job seekers

However, if you still looking for a job, most employers require certain soft skills in addition to your hard skills. Those are the skills they look for during interviews.

Creativity is one such skill. Employers want employees who are inventive, spontaneous with original ideas, and problem solvers. Practice new things, look at new ways of doing old things, read more and dare to be different.

Are you good enough to bring new things to life because of your creativity? You are innovative. If your ideas upgrade existing situations then you are there. Put it on your resume now. It can put you ahead of the competition.

In your environment do you find it easy to control situations without being told to do it? Or, do you go the extra mile to learn, and complete tasks without waiting on others? That is proactive and initiative—the make-it-happen person who will be loved by any employer.


Communication Skills have been one of the major requirements for employment. Whether we give or receive information communication skills come to play. How do you feel when a customer service rep uses a tone or language that is rude? Yes, so how we communicate has a bearing on our success on a job. How we speak, our tone of voice, how we listen, our courtesy, the correctness of language, word choice, empathy, and confidence can all connect us to people. Our communication skills do not end with oral communication.

How well do you write? Is it clear, and concise, does it follow correct rules of grammar, and is it thoughtful? Practice improving your communication habits now by seeking opportunities to communicate.


Moreso, Emotional Intelligence is required in today’s fast-paced world. The amount of stress in the world of work requires that employees learn to get along with others and manage their relationships with colleagues and customers. It is also about yourself as an individual. How well you can control your feelings, motivations, strengths, and weaknesses. Thus, developing a strong mindset while dealing with others in your daily encounter will help enhance this skill.

What else do you need to get that job? Teamwork– it is more than a group of people coming together to work on a project. It is the skill that helps all in a group to work to attain that goal. So, while in school did you run away from group work because the smart ones will do it? Look, you have missed out on this beneficial skill but you can catch up by doing this. In whatever you are doing now learn to collaborate with others and achieve shared results.

Digital Skills are those skills we need today more than ever before. Computer Literacy, word processing, data entry, social media, programming, web designing, digital marketing, graphic designing, and Search Engine Optimization are what you need to ace that interview. Teach yourself these skills by watching videos, taking online courses, read about current trends in digitization. While you do all these build a portfolio to make you stand out. Learn more about digital learning here

Problem-Solving and Critical thinking are crucial to getting a job. In our everyday life, we solve problems. How well you deal with these problems can show if you are good at them. An employer would know we are problem solvers and critical thinkers if we remain calm while in tense situations and produce spontaneous solutions to remedy situations. Find more. Click Here

In conclusion

There you have it! Simple actionable ways to think about. The way the job market is going, one cannot be complacent about knowing all it takes to get one. Just adapt to the change by being flexible, adaptable, and practical. Tons of opportunities exist, look for them and improve yourself. Click Here

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