Getting career skills

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We have been talking about skill acquisition and the development of new talent. The world is changing; things are moving fast. Most employers require specific skills added to our certificates.

Most people are unemployed because they lack these skills. How do we bridge the gap between the career we want to pursue and employer requirements?

Many employers ask for skills in

* typing

* use of Google tools

* use of Adobe Acrobat

* Microsoft tools


* marketing

* programming

* website development

* content writing

* proofreading

* communication skills/ presentation

* business analysis

* graphic designing

* purchasing and supply

* photography

* 3D modeling

* Mobile App designing

* music mixing

* FL studio

* music production

and other such skills. One can easily land a job even on the internet and work remotely.

While in school, why not learn these skills? Are you a worker? Take advantage and learn when you are less busy.

Most of these can be learned from the internet free of charge. Whereas for others one may need to pay a small fee to learn.

Career skills are necessary! They enable one to land a job and manage it efficiently and effectively. What is your career path? Look for skills that can benefit you now and in the future.

Learn to communicate well and link up with people who have similar interests.

What’s your next job? Subscribe for weekly updates. Feel free to contact us with any ideas you want to share. Best wishes.

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