Reasons you have to learn a skill now!

What is your next job?

Having a successful job is everyone’s dream. As a worker, have you thought about opportunities you have to learn a skill or develop a talent in order to earn passively? There are very good reasons doing so can help you. Let’s talk about how to get serious about doing that.

You might have read similar blog posts with tips along these lines. In this post, I’ll discuss several reasons you have to do it soon!

Get started!


Think about this. Just before the pandemic, and during its peak of it, well-grounded companies collapsed in Ghana.

Many people lost their jobs. Imagine how these will survive with their families.

As global economies are struggling, many companies especially in developing countries like ours will continue to downsize or close down. This will lead to many hardships.

Picture the situation people can get themselves into especially if one possesses no skill or other means of survival, this situation brings a lot of anxiety.

Today, one cannot be too complacent about being in a job for life. Anything is possible. Life situations can be very unpredictable. In today, out tomorrow.

It is for these reasons that we need to encourage ourselves to develop survival skills – be it hard, soft, social, or technical.

Can you guess other possible thoughts for which we need to develop such skills today and not later?

For one, a skilled person is better placed to solve emerging challenges. When a person has skills, it is easy to put them to use to solve immediate needs. With practical experience, one can set up a business with little or no capital at all.

It is not unusual for a skilled person to land other jobs than those without any skills. Interestingly, a skilled person can have the advantage of moving around to accomplish tasks where his services may be needed. It also offers an individual the flexibility of working two or more jobs.

Having skills actually, help one to establish a good career. We all work to achieve success. Skills make us more productive, effective, and efficient. This leads to promotions and advancement in our own lives and career.

How to develop that skill presently.

• Work at improving what you love doing

I love to cook so I enjoy learning new methods of cooking. I commit myself to looking for new recipes, signing up for cooking classes, link with cooks and friends to learn more about improving that skill. While I take time to learn these skills, I dedicate more time to mastering them in the kitchen.

•Research more information about the skills you need in your career path.

As long as a skill has a critical impact on your career, don’t leave it to chance. If your goal is to become an educator, learn social skills like good communication- listening, speaking, and questioning skills. Learn more about being an empathetic, patient, creative, and open-minded person.

• Take action

First, know what you want to learn. Find out what it would take to do it. Make plans about how and when you’ll learn. Start practicing that’s when you’ll know how good you can be.

The person who says it cannot be done shouldn’t distract the one who is doing it.

If one can count on his skills for survival, it brings emotional and mental stability – more importantly, self-respect. Be convinced that harnessing your skills can be a good way to deal with sudden unemployment. Remember, the fastest-growing jobs are around us, look for those skills that can meet them now!

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Simple ways to get a job in Ghana

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The search for work is high, as each year, a sea of high school and university graduates flood the job market.

The hard truth is that having a degree or specialized training is no guarantee that one can find work in his/her chosen career.

Therefore, it has become quite common for many people to change careers entirely or change jobs several times in order to survive.

  • What can you do while in school to prepare for the world of work?
  • If you find yourself unemployed after school or specialized training, what can you do to survive?
  • How can workers prepare now for sudden unemployment?

1. Get links

At every point in our life, we need links. That’s why we don’t have to destroy our relationships with people. Apart from our family and friends we contact often, there come times we need old schoolmates, old contacts, and acquaintances to link us up.

Most times, our kindness or other beautiful qualities may attract us to strangers who may be of help.

2. Ask around

In some places, many jobs aren’t advertised. So, contact companies that may need your skills even if they have not advertised. Keep trying until fortune smiles at you. Never be shy to tell people about your search for a job. By telling them, they may help you get one.

3. Be observant

Ask questions about buildings and other ongoing projects in your locality. Read notices. Follow job-seeking links on the internet, and beware of fraudsters.

4. Be open-minded

Being adaptable can help lift us from the pit of unemployment. How? Most job seekers have their ideal jobs in mind. Once they don’t get it, they keep waiting. Sometimes,  the job that comes our way may even be different from the skills we have acquired. Do we let it go? Not at all. We take every decent opportunity that comes our way to learn more skills that may be helpful to us in the future.

5. Be realistic

In time, you may get a job that you like. In the meantime,  don’t look down on any job. Ask to perform services for others. Such service rendering may even be the key you need to open the door to the opportunities you have always dreamed of.

6. Work for yourself

This series has been advocating for skill acquisition and talent development.    Having practical skills can help one set up a business with or without capital, and you can be your own boss. Why not try and learn a skill? Will you harness a talent or hobby and make money out of it? Do it soon!

We’ll be happy to hear your comments. Send us stories about your business journey let’s share them with others.

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Getting career skills

Hello there!

We have been talking about skill acquisition and the development of new talent. The world is changing; things are moving fast. Most employers require specific skills added to our certificates.

Most people are unemployed because they lack these skills. How do we bridge the gap between the career we want to pursue and employer requirements?

Many employers ask for skills in

* typing

* use of Google tools

* use of Adobe Acrobat

* Microsoft tools


* marketing

* programming

* website development

* content writing

* proofreading

* communication skills/ presentation

* business analysis

* graphic designing

* purchasing and supply

* photography

* 3D modeling

* Mobile App designing

* music mixing

* FL studio

* music production

and other such skills. One can easily land a job even on the internet and work remotely.

While in school, why not learn these skills? Are you a worker? Take advantage and learn when you are less busy.

Most of these can be learned from the internet free of charge. Whereas for others one may need to pay a small fee to learn.

Career skills are necessary! They enable one to land a job and manage it efficiently and effectively. What is your career path? Look for skills that can benefit you now and in the future.

Learn to communicate well and link up with people who have similar interests.

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Making money as a student

Are you ready to start that business this year? There are several ways of building that small business. No experience required! Very little capital is needed.

If you have the vision, desire, and will, you can start a successful business even as a student from your pocket money.

The fastest-growing jobs are around us. What are the things that people need in your zone? How can you meet these needs with the things you already have?

Most students have fridges. If you do, why not throw in some drinks and water and make some coins from it? Let’s start with five packs and see how it goes!

Will you try frozen foods like sausage and gizzards? Maybe you can fry for your friend and add three pieces of yam. Yummy! Why not try just ten packs a week?

What about expanding the family business? Can you take orders for small things that your mates might need? Hand sanitizer, wig, perfume, deodorant, sanitary pad, underwear, etc. It can even be groceries. Ask that these goods are sent to you, possibly, fortnightly, for onward delivery to your clients.

Guess, you might find your next hustle from here and save up for the next dream. Just think about what is available to you and start something.

If you have a skill or talent, you are already there. Just make it known and roll.

Are you thinking of the time? No fears. You decide. Can you do business one day a week, in the evenings or on weekends? At your convenience!

Our hobbies and passions can open business opportunities for us now. Be your boss today. Let’s try now before we’re out of school! What’s your next job?