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10 writing jobs that students should think about

About a decade ago when I graduated from University, I was lost about my job prospects. Just like any graduate, I started applying for jobs and asking around to see if I’d be fortunate enough to have one.

For months, I was searching for my dream job. I had forgotten that I had the job and that I only needed to hire myself because I had the skill and experience employers asked for. You do too so where do you start?

You have heard about lucrative careers as a student and you can establish one before it is too late. Do you still love to write?

How can you be sure you’ll make a good impression with your work?

You’ll make a good writer if

  • you appreciate the beauty in written work
  • you have a taste for well-constructed sentences and writing styles
  • you have a unique style and voice
  • you write consistently
  • people love to read your work
  • people ask you to write for them

Writing is not only a talent but a skill anyone can develop and do beautifully. Think about what you can do now before you graduate. If you are a graduate looking for employment opportunities what can you do to build the expertise employers ask for?

In this post, we are going to explore some areas that one can develop to make a living. So, grab a pen and paper or simply save this post somewhere you can access it often. Trust me you’re going to decide after reading this post to start writing. Just sit back and enjoy reading!

Writing is a business. So be ready to work hard by polishing your work to reach a level that your target audience will love to read your work. Successful writers are not lazy but focused, realistic and consistent.

Develop your writing skills

A good way to develop it is by exercising that skill, yes like a sprinter will exercise daily. Use it regularly because by disengaging with your skill you’ll lose touch with your imaginative self and creativity.

Start as a story writer

How to do it?

Set goals

Join a writing group

Collect inspiration with your senses, experiences, and environment

Try new writing styles- expressive writing about your feelings, anxieties, joys, and experiences in life

What can you do?

Bring old stories back to life. Tell a story about a person or thing that inspired you. Think of a movie you watched and how you can extend the storyline. Write about how you perceive life to be in a decade. If you love to travel, make stories out of your escapades. Doing fiction or nonfiction is an exciting way to develop your skills.

Apart from story writing, what are some writing careers that one can go after?

A career in writing is not only about passion but fondness to read and shape your writing.

Content writing

Content writers create engaging content to grow businesses. Their task may include writing persuasive and original articles for blogs, and podcasts, editing, and publishing content on digital platforms. In-depth knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO), Software as a Service (SaaS), Business to Business (B2B) writing, and social media is an advantage.


Copywriters write for advertising and marketing purposes. Their compelling posts hook their audience and boost traffic for their goods and services. A good copywriter values research and is adaptable; he is current about the trends in his field and knows the behavior of customers and how to relate with them. A reasonable knowledge of SEO, social media marketing strategy, storytelling, digital business, and branding is needed for a good career.

Technical writing

The work of a technical writer is mostly to simplify complex information to help users understand a specific product. These writers may not be subject matter experts but should be familiar with technology, engineering, law, finance, etc. to execute their duties. Their work may include preparing technical content like manuals, and legal documents.


An editor is a critical reader who polishes and refines writing for stories, magazines, newspapers, blogs, and books. Editors don’t only correct grammar and spelling, they look at style, clarity, tone, facts, quality of the material, and other aspects of a writeup before publication

Medical writing

This is a professional writing avenue aimed at medical issues. It requires insight into medical concepts, terminologies, and compliance with regulatory organizations.

Medical writers create content to inform physicians and patients about the latest drugs and devices and how to use them. They write about clinical trials, regulatory reports on the release of drugs, and research-based documents for clinicians as well as documents about new diseases. They also produce content for healthcare websites.


Columnists are writers who write articles for newspapers, magazines, or other journals including blog posts. The writing may be about general interests or special needs. One could be an advice columnist, sports, health, diet, fashion, or career columnist. A good interest and understanding coupled with your writing skills can set you up for this career.


Ghostwriters are content creators who produce content on behalf of others. Credit is not given to them for work done. They create articles, speeches, books, blog posts, email newsletters, screenplays, etc.


These scribes work with producers and directors. Their work has to do with scripts for use in films, sitcoms, animations, etc. Since they are storytellers, creativity is their compelling attribute. A good script would have to be 90-120 pages long.

Social media writer

A social media writer is a copywriter who creates social media content for clients and companies. A profound knack for a digital marketing campaign strategy as well as current trends with the use of social media tools is needed for this position.

How can you start your writing career?

If you are a newbie, start by posting your writing anywhere on social media – LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and even WhatsApp. This is important to draw Following.

Make a choice today and enjoy writing.

LinkedIn is a big platform to get writing jobs regularly.

Create a writer’s blog or website on WordPress, BlogSpot, or any other suitable platform and display your samples. Monetize the site through affiliate marketing links and get a commission at every purchase done through those links.

Doing the above will be a means of creating your portfolio for future employment. Writers have the flair to be employed full-time or to be freelancers. You can self-publish a book if you wish and sell it.

Take online courses to increase your abilities. Upskill to keep up with new writing trends. Read wide to increase your chances of getting new ideas. More ideas here 👇

Practice your skill regularly. Learn to use writing tools very well. MS tools, Adobe tools, Canva, etc. Above all be adaptable.

So no matter your specialization -Arts, Business, Science, Home Science, Humanities etc.-there is a writing job for you.

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